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Tripping Hazard

 ADA defines tripping hazard as any vertical changes of 1/4 inch or more at any joint or crack.   Strict compliance is required, so call us now to mitigate the risks.  

Pest Entry & Harborage

 We seal open seams, gaps or holes to prevent pest entry and harborage. Damages or defects may seem small but it’s the underlying safety, security and even health that really matter.  

Water Leak

  We fix both ’cause and effect’.  We conduct diagnostics to zero in cause of the problem, apply proper fix to prevent recurrence and then repair the damage as if it did not exist. It’s a handyman work by FaciliCare.

Competitive Appearance

 What we do is beyond physical appearance ‘refresh’.  We remove anything bad in Baltimore business places that drives away customers.  We remove graffiti and do power washing as well. 

Loss Prevention

 Company’s ‘bottom line’ is affected when its assets are not maintained well.  A good example is reach in cooler shattered glass door or freezer door’s damaged gasket.  We repair freezer/cooler doors not just to make it operational but also to avoid refrigeration loss and to keep the products fresh.

We Rectify Other's Repairs

  We’re just telling the truth without putting others down because we didn’t know who were those previous contractors that did the work we rectified.  Good example:  roof patched by others unable to address water underside roof membrane, thereby, water leaks to interior below.