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We do tankless upgrade

“Water conservation, repetitive replacement of flush valves and constant overruns are the major reasons to upgrade to tankless toilet.”

We are your local contact

“We help out of State companies in their expansion to our local area. We serve as their local agent on the conversion of facilities, e.g., vacant structure’s underfloor sewer, drain line system inspection and building exit location.”

We're 1 stop shop solution provider

“From records disposal to shelving removal to vacated space clean up. No one does the end to end job better than FaciliCare.”

Our technical competency not
limited to repairs

“Technical skills in computer and related services such as computer set up, relocation, removal and disposal including computer peripherals, office furniture & fixtures & other objects in business place.”

We are your commercial
handyman craftsman

“Step treads removal is easy, any vendor can dot it. Bringing out steps gains is not, only craftsman can do it. FaciliCare, commercial handyman craftsman.”

We could be your security company but
we prefer to remain in our core area

“Seemingly simple jobs but most often it’s not just about the tasks. It’s more about the risks on company’s security, privacy and confidentiality. Don’t take the risks! You need FaciliCare, the tries and tested commercial handyman, to remove stuck bag from safe or relocate company records.”

We are your partner in progress

“Attention: Property managers, developers, building owners and apartment lessors. Downtown Baltimore is in the middle of redevelopment and redesign for new structures, offices, apartments and city landscape.
FaciliCare is thrilled to witness the boom in the economy of our Downtown as a result of this tranformation.
In our own small way we wanted to become part of this ongoing progress. To this, we offer our services for the repairs and maintenance of commercial facilities – hotels, offices, retail shops, apartments, etc.”

We are your partner in progress

1000′ long 4′ high security barrier fence repair in snow day and temperature low day.
Keeping the work schedule is more than a commitment, it’s an Intrinsic Value.
FaciliCare’s IV manifested in every job.
See for yourself.