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FaciliCare is a team of champions

From a one-man team in year 2000 FaciliCare has evolved into a company of champions where passion for excellent customer service and commitment to good business ethics are the common ground among its employees.

We are a team of champions in building repairs and maintenance. If there is one or two words that best describe us, it is commercial handyman.

My name is George, team’s captain and business owner. Field operations and general business management are my day to day responsibilities. I am clients’ point of contact for direct and faster service response.

Multi-skilled expert-technicians

Our work orders or projects are completed by our pool of highly skilled repair specialists or commonly referred to as technicians. Each has reliable transportation that gets them to jobsite on time, equipped with tools and materials to complete jobs effectively. They provide pictures of work status end of day.

Multi-tasking support group

The support group is basically the office-based professionals who on top of their respective core functions perform customer service and operations support functions.



Senior repair specialist, highly skilled and expert almost in all trades, superior diagnostics and problem solving skills.


Expert in roof membrane, quarry tile, masonry, cooler and freezer door repairs


Expert in structural, quarry and ceramic tiles, epoxy flooring, cooler and freezer door repairs


Expert in plumbing flush valve, heavy duty shelving and vinyl floor repairs. Systematic and efficient in office relocation


Expert in ceiling grid, FRP wall, gypsum board and vinyl floor repairs


Wait a minute!  I am a technician too, chief technician and supervisor to experts. My background, civil engineer with vast experience in high rise structural project management.